Angel Canyon Ruin

A couple of months ago, we took a quick trip to Utah. One of the places we visited was a small set of Anasazi ruins in two alcoves near Angel Canyon. It was an interesting hike to get out there. Some bushwhacking was involved.

The ruins turned out to be quite a neat find. Besides the numerous pictograph handprints on the back wall of one of the alcoves, I was surprised to find corn cobs scattered around both sites. I don’t know how old they date, but they look original to me.

It is an amazingly quiet and peaceful place. I sat here for a while listening to the sounds of the canyon and just appreciating it all.  (Not to mention taking a break from all the crashing through bushes I had to do to reach this spot.)

I left everything undisturbed for the next explorer, as you should too. I’m not giving directions to this one. Please respect this place.

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Last Updated on May 17, 2021 by Guy Starbuck