Palmetto Wash Petroglyphs

Over the years, I have visited this small petroglyph site many times. It is not too far from the road, so it makes for a nice spot to take a break.

During a recent visit with my family, we were saddened to find some drill holes have been made into the volcanic rock adjacent to some of the ancient petroglyph panels. What a shame! I’m not sure if someone was attempting to steal the petroglyphs or if someone was taking core samples to study the volcanic rock. Either way, it was careless and a federal crime. I hope whoever caused the damage faces some punishment and restitution so repair work can be done.

Below are photos from various visits I’ve made to the site over the years. I first documented the drill holes in late 2015.

Palmetto Wash Petroglyphs
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Last Updated on August 2, 2020 by Guy Starbuck